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Prostate Cancer and the African American Male
January 29th, 2011 by Aldouspi

Prostate Cancer and the African American Male

Today, prostate cancer has reached epidemic proportions in the African American male population according to a Northwestern Memorial Hospital urologist, Dr. Kevin McVary. In the entire world population, African American males have the highest prostate cancer diagnosis rate and the highest death rate from prostate cancer. This is quite concerning, especially if you happen to be an African American male.

African American males are diagnosed with prostate cancer at a rate of sixty percent higher than the rate of Caucasian men. African American males have double the death rate of any racial group when it comes to prostate cancer.

At about this time you may be wondering why it is that the African American male is in such a state when it comes to prostate cancer? Researchers believe that diet and lifestyle play a significant role in the above statistics for the African American male. The National Heart Association states that over 60% of African American males are overweight and 28% of them are considered to be obese. Obesity is a risk factor for prostate cancer. Other risk factors may be economic limitation, lack of adequate health care insurance, and also poor access to quality health care. In fact, studies have found that 24% of African Americans have not had a regular doctor visit within the last 12 months and in fact many say they do not even have a regular doctor!

If this trend is to be reversed African American males will need to be educated about the vital need to have regular yearly prostate screenings from age 40 on. Early detection is the single most important factor in increased odds for prostate cancer survival.

It is also important that the dietary needs of African American males be addressed and that an effort is made to encourage them to follow healthier diets, especially to eat foods that will lower the risk for them of prostate cancer.

What can African American males do now to help lower the above statistics?

? Become educated about prostate cancer

? Find out if you have family history of prostate cancer, which would increase your odds of developing prostate cancer

? Start yearly prostate screening from age 40 which includes the PSA test and a digital rectal examination (DRE)

? At your regular doctor visits speak with your doctor about your concerns for prostate cancer so you can be advised about what lifestyle and diet changes can be made to lower your risk

? Know the symptoms of prostate cancer

If you are an African American male or you care about an African American male it is very important to know the information contained in this report and to see a doctor on a regular basis. Doing all you can do to lower your risks for prostate or to be diagnosed early when you have prostate cancer are vitally important for your health.

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